We prioritize Earth's resources by engaging in continuous environmental improvements aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our activities and the products we offer.

Our goal is always to meet customer expectations and comply with environmental legislation requirements.

We strive to work efficiently with resources and actively reduce energy waste and material consumption. When possible and practical, we sort and recycle waste to minimize our environmental footprint.

It is important for us to act as a supplier with high environmental awareness and competence. This is achieved through ongoing personal responsibility among our employees and continuous development through education, information, and active participation in our environmental initiatives.

Transport: We aim for efficient and environmentally friendly utilization of transportation solutions and plan our purchases and service trips accordingly.

Climate compensation - Climate compensation is provided via our shipping partner for all deliveries within the borders of Europe.

When you order items with shipping, our shipping partner compensates for the CO2 emissions associated with the delivery. They have chosen to offset the emissions that we cannot yet reduce. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, they invest in a number of projects that contribute to climate and environmental protection.

They take their entire business cycle into account when calculating their emissions. It includes everything from fuel production to actual use. Since their transport activities make up the largest part of their emissions, they have a particular focus on reliable analysis of their transport emissions. For this, they use the standard DIN EN 16258.

All projects are recognized by the international certification standards Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and The Gold Standard.

Consumption: We actively work to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and consumable materials.

Energy: In collaboration with our partners, we actively strive to reduce energy consumption. When making purchases, we prioritize the most energy-efficient solutions to the greatest extent possible.

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